Keeping the world running smoothly with a smaller carbon footprint.

BioAccelergy is developing renewable base stocks with superior performance and affordability.

Our platform

Developing renewable fuels and BioSpecialty products.

BioAccelergy has assembled a technology platform, a supply chain, and experienced talent that enables it to produce premium plant-based hydrocarbon products with significantly reduced carbon intensity compared to existing competitive products. Such products include a variety of…

  • Lubricants
  • Fuels & Fuel Additives
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Transformer Fluids

Why Plant-Based?
Growing efficiency & reducing emissions

Base stocks produced with plant oils are high performance, quickly biodegradable, and abundantly renewable. Compared to synthetics, they reduce environmental impacts at both the production and consumption stages.

USDA BioPreferred

Plant-based stocks meet the most stringent USDA specs to achieve BioPreferred status.


Vegetable oils are cleaner, less toxic and more environmentally friendly than current day alternatives.


Bio-based feedstock degrades at a relatively quick pace, which is good for the planet and complies with sustainability commitments.


Plant-based fuel additives and lubricants can reach volatility-viscosity levels that meet or even exceed the efficiency of petroleum-based products.

Our Company

Creating and commercializing the solution.

BioAccelergy, in concert with experts across industries, has partnered with energy and technology leaders to develop renewable lubricant base stocks. Contributions to the solution come from innovative crop genetics, advanced farming and harvesting techniques, supply-chain design, and far-reaching joint developments with leading technology companies— including ExxonMobil—which are helping us to commercialize our innovations.


We’re working with strategic partners and contractors to get world-class results.

Licensing and joint development initiatives with established global partners and contractors allow us to incorporate a wide array of processes and products into BioAccelergys platform.


Our Team

Bringing revolutionary new products to market is our specialty.

Our team is composed of internationally recognized experts with decades of experience developing highly innovative technology solutions to commercial reality. We have a deep familiarity with petroleum-based products and have dedicated much of the 21st century to applying that knowledge toward the research and implementation of alternative, bio-based specialty products.

Rocco A. Fiato

Chief Executive Officer,
Board of Directors

Kevin McMahon

Chief Technology Counsel

David Shea

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth L. Trachte

VP Product Development

Ramesh Sharma

VP Process Development

Roberto Giesemann

BioCirGen Director

Rodrigo Zapata

BioCirGen Director

Brent Gwaltney

Board of Directors

Alfredo M. Lopez

Board of Directors

Michael Griffinger

Gibbons Counsel

Innes William

Board Advisor

Bryant Tong

Board Advisor

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